Get help from a peer student
    who aced your class.

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Get help from a peer student who aced your class

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With Darss we want to create a community of students who provide or receive academic assistance. Our tutors are picked based on their grades in the classes they're tutoring, and only choose the best!

  • Receive help with assignments from someone who has already completed them.
  • Darss will help you schedule a session before your exam with the best tutors in your school.
  • Chat with the tutor before you meet them.
  • Darss is traditionally cheaper than most other tutoring services out there.
  • Meet your tutor on your campus and between your classes.
  • Tutoring sessions are kept confidential between you and your tutor.
  • No monthly fees. No sign-up fees. No hidden fees. Pay only for your tutoring sessions.

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