Tutors Frequently Asked Questions

- How much is the payout?

Tutors will make $15 per hour. We will not be charging taxes from our tutors, so they will recieve the full $15 for every hour of tutoring.

- Can I tutor with other companies outside of Darss?

Absolutely; in the meantime, let us know how we can improve and do better to help you help other students.

- I’m a recent grad or grad student, can I tutor?

Darss allows you to tutor up to 2 semesters after you graduate. If you’re a grad student, you’re able to tutor both undergraduate and graduate courses! If you feel you’re still capable of tutoring past that time frame, please sign up and shoot us a message with your qualifications/background. We’re always open to tutors with experience!

- How and when do I get paid out for my earnings?

In the payments tab, please add your bank account information so our payment processor (Stripe) can disburse your earnings to your account after every session.

In order to receive your earnings, you must enter your bank account information. Your information is always secure with us. We use Stripe to handle all payment processing (used by Lyft, Kickstarter, Pinterest, Slack, and many others).

Payouts are on a rolling basis, so no need to cash out – they are automatically initiated after each completed session, and will hit your bank account within 1-3 business days.

- What is the time commitment as a Tutor?

Work whenever you want! You can receive requests anytime but flip on your ‘Online’ switch to appear as ready to tutor. If you have a particularly busy week, no problem, just swtich back to "Offiline"

- How do I become a tutor?

Just tap ‘Become a Tutor’ in the sidebar of the app! Add courses you wish to tutor and snap or upload a photo of your transcript. Make sure your name, college and course grades (for the classes you want to tutor) are clearly showing on your transcript.

- Am I qualified to tutor?

If you’ve received a B+ or better grade in your course(s) and feel comfortable helping others in them, snap a photo of your transcript reflecting your grades and submit it right through the app. We may reach out to you for additional information if needed.

you could be approved to tutor the same day you submit the necessary information!

What to do if...

- I need to cancel a session last minute, what do I do?

Let your student know as soon as you realize you won’t be able to make it using our in-app messaging system. To formally cancel the session, you can do so in the sessions tab within the application. Please keep in mind cancelling sessions regularly may decrease your likelihood of getting requested in the future.

- The student asks for a refund on the session. What do I do?

You cant offer refunds. Direct them to contact Darss Support (support@joinDarss.ca); our team will handle it.

- I do not think the rating and the review were fair?

Contact the Darss support, and let us know how the session went, and where the conflict was triggered, and we will take it from there.

- The session runs over or ends early?

The minimum charge will be for an hour. If the session is about to run over an hour, make sure the student is aware of the time and ask them if they wish to continue. If they agree, the student will be chanrged for every additional fifteen minutes for a maximum of two hours. If the student wants to end before the allotted time, simply hit End Session button.

- Doing someone's assignment?

This is against the honour policy. You can use the assignment to explain the topic, but certainly not do it for the students. Show them how to troubleshoot, and come up with the solution. Darss was built for learning, not cheating. Darss is NOT liable for any student misconduct – the interaction is between the two parties, please be respectful.

- What if a session runs longer or shorter than expected?

If the session runs long: make sure the student is aware of the time and ask them if they wish to continue. If they agree, have them book you another hour on the spot – this will ensure that you are paid for the extra time. 

If the session ends early: The minimum length of any session is an hour. This will guarantee that you get paid for at least a full hour for your meeting with the students. Then the timer will charge in 15-minute intervals to a maximum of two hours for the session. Therefore, it is important that you stop the timer as soon as the session is over. 

- Do I accept a tip?

If the student insisted, then you must deserve it!

- Does Darss provide T4 for the tutors at the end of the year?

A T4 is for employees. Darss considers the tutors as contracted self-employed. Tutors would report income from self-employment using the data and numbers Darss provides at the end of every tutoring session. See this article for a discussion of reporting income, the importance of good record keeping re-expenses and also paying HST.

Darss Tutors are classified as Independent Contractors, which means If you will be filing taxes, you’ll need to appropriately report all income earned through Darss. Darss does not provide tax advice. It is your responsibility to file your taxes at the end of the year. We recommend that you seek guidance from a qualified tax service for specific answers to tax questions.

Helpful Link:  TurboTax Tips for Independent Contractors